Right Here With You

Right Here With You LYRICS
Some people leave home, some never do
Some always feel alone, and think the ocean is blue
But I'm alright, right here with you
Some people dream big, some want to
Some only light a cig, and others light a fuse
But I'm alright, right here with you

I'm right here with you
Right next to me, cant you see
It's only two
Memories, and little money
Yeah I'm more than alright, right here with you

We can all lose, with the people we love
But you gotta have faith, it won't happen to us
We are more, than what the world makes us


So please believe me when I say, I love you
And I'll believe in your words, to be true



I'm leaving this home, on the road with you
This life that we chose, is better than I knew
And I'm alright, right here with you

Madelyn Victoria

Hold me under the moonlight
Hold me under the stars
Hold me til the morning comes, lets never part
Hold me and never let go we gotta, take it in right now
Oh baby I'll show you how

Hold on to all we have
Hold on to nothing bad
Hold on to what we have right now
Don't let this moment end
Give in to this beautiful sin
It's worth every second minute and hour
Just hold me now

No more second guessing
No more doubt or fear
We both know it's a grander plan my dear
I've waited for you for so long
Now my, heart can finally heal
Heart mind body and soul let it seal



Breaking My Heart Again LYRICS
Don't break my heart again
It doesn't mend easy, baby don't tease me
I know where this is gonna end
And if this is your apology
Well honey you're forgiven, leave now good riddance
This sure ain't easy for me

Cuz your, breaking it again
Your smile, your laugh, that's it
Oh please, just leave
I just wanna forget
Cuz your breaking my heart again

Why must you look so good
You're staring at me, I'm staring at you
Just like I knew we would
Oh no now they're playing our song
Should we dance, take one last chance
And let it burn all night long



He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor LYRICS
It's Friday night
Looking for a good time
It's been a long week and he's on my mind
I won't give in
Lord knows it's a sin
But this whiskey should do the trick

He only loves me on the dance floor
He must be crazy
Holdin on to me so tight
Underneath the neon lights
I shouldn't let him
I must be crazy
But here we go around and round
Our silence underneath the sound

I need to leave
Look at him staring at me
I'm walking on temptation street
I know his thoughts
They're sayin, come back to me
& I can't help but get lost

Repeat Chorus


Last Chorus
Wild Ride LYRICS
The night is young
And so are we
Let's go down these backroads
Get loose wild and free
I've got the bottle
And you've got the keys
Turn on some Waylon, Strait, Cash, and Johnny Lee

Are you ready for a wild ride, wild ride
Dancing in the moonlight, moonlight
We gonna keep this party rockin til the break of dawn
There ain't no way to stop us, you'll see
All we need to be is free
We gonna make some new memories
On this wild ride

No need to worry
No need to go astray
Just close your eyes
And let your problems fade away
This is our time, let us do what we may
But don't let it burn too long or we'll have to
Stay and pray



Let the music hit your soul
Let your spirit take control
Let it all wrap around you on this road

Sand In A Bottle LYRICS
Let's sail away
Where the ocean waves kiss the grains of sand
Let's swim away
Where we never touch the earth, hand in hand

Flow with the gentle breeze
I can only see you and me

Sand in a bottle
Swirls of you and me in a paisley tapestry
Sand in time
Years pass and you're still mine

Let's run down these golden shores
We're in heaven let our souls soar


Flow with the gentle breeze
I can only see you and me
I'll put sand in a bottle for you and me
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